ApiUrl needs to accessible for changing

Jul 6, 2013 at 6:57 PM
I cannot figure out how to change but I got this from mandrill support - we need to be able to use static.mandrillapp.com for the api. See below

Kaitlin (Mandrill Support)
Jul 04 08:34 am (EDT)
Hi Dan,
Thanks for following up. It looks like you may have old, cached IP addresses for Mandrill's servers. Can you try clearing your DNS cache to get that updated? In general, Mandrill may add or remove IP addresses to add additional capacity; in most cases, the TTL is low enough that cached values should expire before there's an issue, but if your system or DNS provider caches more aggressively, you may need to clear the caches manually more often. If you need to whitelist IPs, I've included information below.
We've added support for a static endpoint, static.mandrillapp.com, which can be used either for API calls or the SMTP. The caveat is that this may be a bit slower, because it won't benefit from the geographical distribution that we're using for the traditional endpoints, and we may still add or remove IPs. We won't be changing IPs with the same kind of regularity that might be seen with the regional relays and traditional endpoints (the ones typically used for the API and SMTP connections). Here's a list of the IP addresses for whitelisting:
You'll need to whitelist all of these IPs since static.mandrillapp.com will utilize a round-robin sort of scheme to point to these IP addresses. If you're using SMTP, instead of connecting to smtp.mandrillapp.com, you'll use static.mandrillapp.com instead. For the API, instead of using "http://mandrillapp.com/api/1.0/" to prefix the API methods, you would use "http://static.mandrillapp.com/api/1.0".