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-1: Failed to deserialize data


with this line of code:
result = m.MessagesSearch("*", dateFrom, dateTo, tags, senders, 100);
appeared a:
-1: Failed to deserialize data.
So, i saw the inner exception:
Invalid enum value 'soft-bounced' cannot be deserialized into type 'MailChimp.Types.Mandrill+Messages+Status'.
Ensure that the necessary enum values are present and are marked with EnumMemberAttribute attribute if the
type has DataContractAttribute attribute.
and i also checked the exception response shows a xml string
<state type="string">soft-bounced</state><subject type="string">Mailout hoy prueba</subject><tags type="array" /><ts type="integer">1345207447</ts></value></result>....blah...
does the problem is the mandrill api?. I'm developing with c# with MandrillApi.