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ListInterestGroupings fails when the group value bit is too big


The InterestGroup type uses int for the “Bit” field, but this breaks when Bit is too big, throwing System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
E.g. here's an extract from the XML I get calling ListInterestGroupings for one of my lists:
<MCAPI type="array">
<struct key="0" type="array">
<display_order type="string">0</display_order>
<form_field type="string">dropdown</form_field>
<groups type="array">
    <struct key="24" type="array">
        <bit type="string">68719476736</bit>
        <display_order type="string">25</display_order>
        <name type="string">My Group</name>
        <subscribers type="integer">1</subscribers>
As you can see, 68719476736 is too big for an int, and the XML type is actually string. Also the API page lists Bit as a string (


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